I always go to bed and rise up with smiles. Not because I have enough, not because I have so much for myself, but because I am able to empower people.  Kwabena Danso, Founder and CEO of Booomers International

It’s been nearly a month since I returned from my life-changing trip to Ghana, Africa on behalf of Photographers Without Borders. I’ve heard it said many times that Africa “gets in your blood and stays there” and now I know exactly how that feels. Small reminders of my trip are popping up in my ever day life and each time, I think of my Ghanian brothers and sisters and smile.

While I’ve shared in other posts about my day-in-the-life experiences, in this post I wanted to showcase the Booomers bicycles, and all of the detail that goes into making them. Outside of the one drill and the sprayer, the Booomers workers do everything using only their hands. Every bit of each bike is touched by dozens of workers, and as a result, their lives are touched by each bike.

These incredibly well-made bicycles mean that local Ghanians, many of whom could not afford an education beyond the middle grades, have a job in a region that suffers from massive amounts of unemployment. Further, it’s a job that pays them a strong wage, provides transportation to and from work, and a hot lunch. Beyond those benefits, employees at Booomers also receive help with their savings account (this is a rarity in this part of Ghana) so they can save for the future, and they also have their social security paid for them, and have health insurance provided.

I was recently asked if I believe that just one person with one idea could change the world. Kwabena Danso is proof that one can.